How Everything Can Collapse

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In this general tone of collapse, I wanted to reference that incredibly moving essay that Eric Weinstein read in today’s podcast. What is the most incredible thing that we could be witnessing, and that no one is even reacting to? Why is it that I have always identified with the screamer? Is this not what I am trying to do with this blog? I state clearly the following fact: I have witnessed horrors beyond belief. Black Mirror is basically the best-case scenario, one where the authoritarian germ of consumer electronics shackle us in an iron-bound social contract, the compromise between freedom and surviving whatever we have in store. But we are realizing the fragility of the system, all of our models are broken, they have time and again proven their uselessness.

I think that in general there is enough evidence to posit that there is a serious crisis brewing. It is crazy not to realize this. Many people have, in fact, realized it, but as Eric so poignantly put, there is a big difference between believing and merely knowing something is true. When I speak with some people that I find reasonable about the challenges that we are likely to phase, they have always found a way to believe it temporarily, to be moved and scared even, and yet to return to an indifference, sink back into a dream-like state, separated from you by a transparent screen. We have not found an easy way to make someone change their mind. I believe Kantbot makes an allusion to Habermas’ book The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere where he draws an important distinction between ideology and world view. World view is all-encompassing, and ideology is often a more superficial compromise with polite society. World view, on the other hand, determines your perception of reality, and decidedly social and political reality. These realities are often impossible to fully unravel. It is an unfortunate quality of the problems we face, existential problems, that they threaten our entire wold view. And this is why we need a radical new system that is capable of adapting to changes that threaten the very structure of the system we design to take care of them.

I don’t know what to do about any of this. I know that I am developing a generating function of awareness that is only going to reduce my fitness for polite society. My only real options are to exit it or to partition myself into multiple homonyms that pursue disjoint goals. The schizoid solution, we might say, to the problem of the Universal Conspiracy. That conspiracy so traumatic that it becomes revolting to our very core. We either let it fly, bored to death, or collapse crying only to forget about it in a week. I have only one solution, for now to containerize these feelings of despair, and plan my exit.