I’ve been caught up reading some extreme right wing forum posts, and I have developed some thoughts on the matters that he speaks about. Where I find the most value in these sort of extremist circles is in adequately appraising the level of paranoia that is required in information-toxic environments to find anything reliable. But then again, by most definitions I decidedly inhabit these circles, but I feel the need to explain myself for any reader with piety towards my humble self. So let us go on into this forum poaster’s mind, in particular about a topic that I find extremely relevant to some other pursuits, that of understanding the nature of geopolitical spacetime.

I recall reading Buchanan’s ”Right From the Beginning” several years ago and being struck by the fact that he basically echoed the pre-War, America First platform and exhibited a strong affinity for Rothbard’s fiscal policies. He’s basically a Hamiltonian federalist that has an axe to grind with the welfare state and cosmopolitan ethics. That tells me that he doesn’t have many qualms with 1865… other than the way its historical legacy is interpreted and presented by the Establishment. Buchanan’s waxing and waning with respect to mainstream Republicanism isn’t (IMO) merely cynical politicking on his part… I think he is just that: A Republican. Pat wants to time warp back to 1935 and hit the freeze button on Dr. Who’s pocketwatch… he is not an opponent of the Modern state, and hence, is not a Traditionalist. Ask yourself why the Paleos so zealously defend the Westphalian paradigm… most of them seem very enamored with the State. Its begs the question as to whether or not the lot of them can be considered to be genuine Traditionalists.

What is the reason that the “traditionalist”, which means in this context the real rightist, not that heel conservative that is only meant to act as antagonist to rile up the crowd, not at all because the outcome of the confrontation is preordained. Related to the notion that Eric Weinstein introduced to me with his keyfabe. It is therefore clear that in this context, what I could call Nomos is the conjunction of the generator function of evolutionary process yielding an effective form of government. Insofar as Westphalian notions of the state are conjured, they exist only as mere instances of a greater fundamental building block, which is clearly not nationalism. Nationalism is product of a recent transformation of the human mind, one that reduced the cultural and social ties from man to his family and neighbors, while tethering him to his nation. Patriotism is thus not the original instinct of protecting one’s kin, but that of satisfying some abstract ideal.

There is therefore some notion that the state is fit for some peoples and for some time periods, that is under certain conditions the state is the most effective political unit. The political unit qua units is of course the army, and today we can certify that any well organized (that is, bureaucratic) army that exists defacto constitutes a state. But of course nowadays there is an ever growing number of political units that decompress out of 2D space and onto more exotic forms. The first real threat to the Westphalian notions of sovereignty had to be the multinational corporation. Even during the Second World War, multinational chemical agents bought and sold from either side with impunity, above the political wartime interests of their respective countries, and insulated from retaliation. Nowadays, most people can launch an insurrectionist legal and monetary system from their laptop thanks to the immense power of cryptography.

What ultimately to get from this? That there is no necessary link between conservative political thought and the notion of the Westphalian sovereign nation-state. We may soon enter a period where the environmental conditions foster adaptive mutations in the bodies that we recognize as political entities. And perhaps it is over this possibility, one which threatens the logic that has built the current order, that opens a portal to a new system of politics that adequately represents reality.

Reality is catching up on us and our map is being revealed to be a false and deceptive representation of a reality that we’re increasingly unable to understand. The territory revolts and the map loses meaning. The map goes out of date, but the territory never goes out of fashion. Don’t go walking out the side of a cliff, face buried in a map. Want to start a revolution? Look outside.

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